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4 Paper Options For Unique Certificate Printing in Singapore

by Jie Utari

For any kind of design, it is indeed important to know what colours are right to use, which fonts look best for the theme, what kind of images best supports the whole aesthetic, and what other elements can make it look better. But some forgets that the decision of what kind of paper to be used for the printing process also affects the design that has been done. A good choice of paper can bring out the best in the design of something, including in certificate design and certificate printing in Singapore. Certification is something that is important and meaningful, thus it must look great and proper. Here are several paper options that you can choose for certification printing after completing the design.

1. Parchment Paper

This type of paper is quite popular since it has a distinct characteristic of being lightly tinted. This makes the paper does not interfere with anything printed on it, including the text, images, or graphics. Because of this, you won’t have to worry too much about what to put or not to put, or what colors will look best for it. You can design your certification without worry.

Parchment papers are divided into more types, like southworth parchment paper, staedler calligraphy parchment paper, neenah astroparche paper, and so on. These different types of papers have different qualities and may slightly vary in characteristics. They also offer you different colors that you can choose according to the aesthetic or theme that you have decided upon.

2. Linen Paper

The name linen paper does not come without a reason. It is given because the paper feels like a linen fabric. This kind of paper gives off an expensive and elegant feel to it because it has a light embossed texture and a crosshatch pattern. It is still quite affordable despite the quality, and it is really great for any kind of certification.

3. Laid Paper

The laid paper is the kind of paper that looks most similar to the kind of classic or traditional paper that was first manufactured thousands of years ago, making it look unique. It has a certain touch of elegance to it as well and you can definitely give off a strong impression due to its distinct texture of chain lines.

4. Granite Paper

A granite paper is also sometimes used for certification printing. It is a type of paper that is smooth with a certain texture and pattern to it. It looks expensive and elegant, yet it is a durable paper. It is best for certification printing, but it is also great for other printing such as letterhead printing, for correspondences, presentations, and many more.

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