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6 Ways to Make Your Foam Board Stands Out

by Yaser Zilla

In this digital era, you can easily find foam board printing as you stroll the city. If you’re going to make a foam board, then there are things you need to know to make it cool. Here are some tips that you can use. 

1. Organize the Information Properly  

The information you put on the foam board needs to be arranged so that it is easily digested by the reader. You can place the headline first on the top of the foam board. Furthermore, other information after the main information. Good information placement will also affect how your foam board is perceived by your audience. Avoid using words that are too long and complicated to understand. 

2. Use Bullet Points 

Once you know what kind of information you will use on the foam board. The next step is to consider using the format of the information in bullet points. This format is used to sort information to make it easier to understand. This format will also help you to describe a specification that would be too long if it was made in the form of a regular sentence. 

3. Use Keywords 

Keywords are one of the main things that you need to make carefully. Keywords themselves are words that are the keys to a fairly long sentence. You can create keywords by understanding the whole sentence first, then choose what keywords are appropriate for the sentence. Keywords will also make it easier for you and the audience to understand the context well. Make sure you use a standard type of font that is easy to read. 

4. Get the Right Theme and Colours  

The theme on an information board, in this case, a foam board, needs to be adjusted according to the type of information you are trying to convey. If you want to make a foam board regarding sales product information, then adjust the foam board theme with the goods or services you offer. As with choosing a theme, you need to adjust the existing colour choices. Make everything match so that your foam board is more elegant. Make sure to set the colour to CMYK with K arrange to 100. 

5. Pick A Nice Design 

An engaging design will increase the chances of your foam board being noticed by the audience. The first thing you need to consider when choosing a design is to match the type of information, theme, and colours you choose. That way, you only need to think about what design or decoration form is needed to be used in order to make your foam board stands out. You can ask for input from your close friends or anyone who could be your potential customer. 

6. Get the Right Size 

The size you choose is up to you, consider what do you need. There are various sizes from A0 to A5. If you want to place the foam board outside the room, then you can use a foam board that is large enough like A0 – A2. However, if you want to use a foam board indoors, then you can use a medium-size like A3. 

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