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Get to Know About PVC Banner

by Jie Utari

Banners come in many different materials. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages compared to the others. If you are looking for the best material for outdoor banner, then you should try PVC material. It is durable, reliable, and it supports high quality image printing which is really important since with high quality image on the banner you can capture the attention of passerby from a far distance. If you choose this material, you won’t have to worry about it getting deteriorated too quick from outdoor weather and circumstances such as heavy rain, strong winds, high heat and humidity and those things along the line. One of the best things about a PVC material for a banner is that it is quite affordable yet it offers a really good banner quality. Of course, the overall quality and effectivity of a banner also rely upon how well the design is made. But a good design can’t shine without good material and printing methods. So, they both are equally important and critical.

To learn more about PVC banner printing, here are some popular questions and the answer to them regarding banners in general and PVC material.

1. What is a PVC banner?

A PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a strong banner material that is tear resistant and waterproof as well. Although it is more commonly used as an outdoor banner, it is also good for indoor banners. This material can support large format printing, usually on 450 gsm RipStop vinyl.

2. What are the sizes of a PVC banner?

The size for PVC banner varies, ranging from A2 size all the way to 3m x 1m. A larger size is popular to be made with PVC material, since the image results in sharp. Moreover, the larger banner usually can work better since it grabs people’s attention much easier and it also leaves a stronger impression on people that way. To make sure which sizes are available, you have to check with the printing service of your choice and make sure of the size.

3. How to hang a PVC banner?

Even though PVC is a strong material, banners made from PVC still has a certain level of flexibility that it is easy to hang anywhere. Banners usually have eyelets in their corners where you can insert rope or any other item for hanging. It is important to make sure with your manufacturer that they provide eyelets for your banner for this convenience.

4. Where is the ideal place to hang a banner?

Basically, you can hang your banner anywhere. However, it is more ideal to find a place with high traffic where many people pass by for more engagement. Whether indoor or outdoor, you have to make sure that you get the permission to hang your banner there to avoid problems. A banner should not hinder anyone or cause inconvenience, so you have to pay attention to the height of it and make sure that it is out of everyone’s way but still can be seen easily.

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