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Name Card Printing Benefits

by Yaser Zilla

Company branding is important for many businesses from small to large. Branding can be done in various ways, one of them is utilizing stationery from business cards to name cards. If you wish to maintain a professional image for your company, it is something you must take great consideration of. One of the most important activities between entrepreneur and its prospects and clients is correspondence. Sending out name cards mean you will need a professional-looking name card and name that provide you a formal way to communicate with your business links. This will create a professional and trustworthy look that must be kept to ensure the smooth run of your business.

Name card printing may help you in creating trust between your customers and encourages a sense of trust. By having your company logo in your name card also benefits you as a way of marketing. Other than just name card, you can also do name card printing and have your logo and company name printed there. It will make your stationery become more recognizable.

In order to create a good name card and name card design, there are several things to look out for.

Logo and Address

You must consider the placement of your logo and address. Commonly, the logo of your company is placed on the upper left corner, but this all depends on the logo design. There is no exact rule regarding where you can put your logo, however, make sure that it’s not distracting or hindering. You can also put a watermark on your paper for a hint of propriety and elegance.

Paper Stock

Another element that creates a major impact on your name card is paper stock. There are a lot of different colors, weights, and textures of paper you can choose. Depending on what impression you want to give, decide on your paper choice wisely. Make sure it is appropriate and appear good at the end. Paper stock quality also affects the durability of your name card. Generally, it is better to choose a paper that is slightly thicker than the common office paper. Not only that it is less prone to tear, but it will also make your name card look better.


There are a number of finish types you can add to increase the look of your stationery such as embossing and even scalloping, a special edging that can give a sense of dedication and professionalism to your name card. Keep in mind that they might cost you more, however considerably worth the effort. You can even be creative with it, such as adding a fold or other special adding to create special effects and shape. However, be careful not to be too much with it. A clean and professional looking name card and name card is preferred. Don’t confuse the receiver by adding too many unnecessary elements.


Consider the colors for your name card that suits the paper you choose. Some papers are yellowish in color. In this case, it is best advised to avoid using yellow color for your logo or name card. Make sure that the colors you choose don’t clash with each other.