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Why Is It Necessary To Get Halal Certification?

by JK Rod

Most of the people mainly know that Muslims do not eat pork or drink alcohol. In fact, Muslims also avoids eating dishes with pork meat or alcohol. Normally, the Halal foods are considered as the most important for the Muslims and allowed to eat. Other foods must not be mixed with the non-halal food along with certain rules needs to be followed in accordance. When it mainly comes to the restaurant and foods, consumers could not see whether the food is cooked or manufactured the food. It mainly assures that food is mainly Halal. The halal certification needs to be checked for the food products and it could mainly be suitable for Muslim consumers. Normally, the halal certification organizations or halal consultancy agency would check complete manufacturing of food, ingredients as well as process that is involved in it. When all the process meets the standard then authorized individuals would be having the halal certification for the food.

What Is Halal Food?

Food that the Muslims are allowed to eat is called as the Halal food. It is the opposite o0f the haram food. Some of the examples of haram food are alcohol and pork. Almost all Muslims follows the strict rules of eating only halal foods. Halal includes fruits, vegetables, dairy, eggs, and grains. Animal-derived foods, milk, and eggs are also considered as Halal. Normally, the vegetarian dishes are halal. bread, vegetable dishes, Rice and even cakes are considered as the halal food. Mainly, the Muslim would consider that they must not consume haram food. Other popular animals such as chicken, beef, lamb and many others are also considered as halal so that they are consumable. However, animals need to be slaughtered only in the Islamic way.

Why Halal Certification Is Necessary?

Halalminds.com mentioned that except for pork and some other animals, popular meats like beef, chicken, and lamb are halal. However, the animal needs to be slaughtered in a certain way determined by Islamic law. It is quite difficult to tell whether the food is halal so that it is mainly accompanied by the halal symbol on the package. Halal certification is mainly needed for Islamic consumers who like to avoid haram food. Avoiding the cutlery touched and dishes with the haram. Some people used to eat the meat without the JAKIM halal certification when they are in any non-Muslim country. Normally, the rules and the basic idea of the halal food would be the same everywhere as they are mainly determined by God.

How Can A Product Get Halal Certified?

When you are a part of the restaurant considered on getting the halal certification then it is important to consult the certifying organization. You could search for the best company that mainly has offered the highest number of Certification along with the Trusted aspects. halal certification also costs money and it is important to be prepared in all the aspects.

  • Consult with the certifying organization
  • Submitting application forms
  • Document review
  • On-site audit
  • Fixed date of expiry

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