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4 Easy Ways to Print Postcards for Marketing

by Josh D

Yes, the digital era is undoubtedly here. The trends in the advertising and marketing change ever so quickly, but postcard printing is still quite relevant despite people’s shifting tendency to send letters and emails digitally nowadays. 

A postcard is something that can be memorable and meaningful. Many people send postcards when they are on vacation to their loved ones at home. But at the same time, a postcard can also be used as a marketing tool. 

Some marketers use postcards as handouts, have them inserted in magazines, booklets, or other printed media. 

A postcard can also be printed to be displayed on the counter of a receptionist or a cashier. 

Bottom line is, a postcard has a lot of uses even in this technology-reliant era, especially for offline marketing. 

Now, if you are interested in doing marketing or promotions with postcards, here are some ways you can design and print your own postcards for the best results. 

1. Use the Best Quality Picture 

When it comes to postcard printing, it is absolutely important to include an impressive photograph. To make sure that the image you insert into the design retains its quality once printed, you have to use a photo that is of high resolution. At the very least, 300 dpi is ideal. It’s better if you can use a higher resolution image. You can use either your own picture or one of the freely available stock photos. 

2. Compose Engaging Content 

If you are using your postcard for marketing or promotion, surely you want to convey everything about your company or business, product, and also your contact information. Unfortunately, a postcard has quite a limited space. If you insist on including everything in the design of your postcard, it won’t look any good. So, it is important to be able to only include the key information in an engaging way to make the readers of your postcard feel intrigued. Less words is better because people tend to be lazy to read a hefty paragraph. So, for a more effective marketing using postcard, convey simply but attractively so that you can get your message across without fail. 

3. Pay Attention to the Colors 

Bright colors tend to attract easier than darker ones. The ability of your postcard to attract is very important since you intend it for marketing. But you can’t just choose the brightest colors that you can find and put them all together in one design. You have to make sure that the colors work well together and complement each other. At the same time, it is important to stick to up to three colors only to make the postcard printing step easier as well. 

4. Print Different Sizes 

Commonly, a postcard is in the A6 size. However, there is no regulation that a postcard should only be in that size. Indeed, people like it more because the A6 size is more convenient to carry, store, or slip between pages of magazines or into the mailbox. However, you can try to stand out more by printing a slightly larger size postcard so that you can gain more attention. 

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