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Consider These 6 Things When You Making a Sticker

by Jacky Douglas

A good, affordable, or even an attractive sticker is possible to be owned if you pay more attention to the preparation. As you know if good things need good preparation, so does when you make a sticker. Here are a few things to be considered before you make your sticker. 

1. The Goal of Making the Sticker 

Before you make a sticker, you need to know the reason behind it. If you have no idea about the purpose of making it, so what do you gonna do with your sticker then? So, knowing your goal of making a sticker will be your first step. Besides, understanding the goals helps you to conceptualize your sticker to be relevant to your goal. 

2. Design and Phrase are Everything 

In the process of making a sticker, the design plays the main character. It is super crucial, even you can’t ever underestimate it. From the color until the shape, you need extra time for determining it. The color has the power to build the impression that you want, that’s why you need more effort on it. Other than that, there is also another main character for your sticker, that is a phrase such as a slogan or a motto. The phrase can attract attention, that’s why it also becomes crucial. If you think to emphasize the word on your sticker, you need to minimize the design but focus on the words and its typography. 

3. Estimating the Size 

From the small sticker to the large format sticker are available. It is even possible for you to customize the size. But remember to adjust the size based on your purpose or needs. By knowing the size of your sticker, you can estimate the budget you need for making it.   

4. Knowing the Type of Stickers 

There are various types or even material of the sticker. You can choose whether you want the transparent stickers, the UV ones, reverse printed white backing stickers, or other types of stickers. You need to find out a few types of stickers because each type has both advantages and disadvantages. So, discover more information about each type before choosing the best type for your needs. 

5. Hire a Designer 

Don’t be worry if you are not able to use any software such as Adobe or Corel to create your sticker. Or maybe you can’t handle making it since you are busy with the other work. Then, you can consider hiring a designer to help you design your sticker. But, by hiring the designer you should explain well what you want on your sticker and prepare the extra budget for them. 

6. Printing Quality 

Sticker printing is something you need to be prioritized! Having an amazing design is not enough without supporting the printing quality. For example, If you wanna make an advertisement sticker, you must make it appealing to make people’s get attracted. So, how it is possible if the printing quality of your sticker is not good? Then, you should find the sticker printing service which produces high-quality prints.

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