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Facts about Common Seal You’d Want to Know

by Jacky Douglas

Company Seal Definition

A common seal is an office tool that originally was more popularly used in legal firms. However, now it is also common to be utilized in general business or companies. A common seal is a tool that has two metal plates opposing each other that are affixed to a metal handle. The two metal plates are engraved by a laser cutter machine, usually with the name of the company and its registration date. A good common seal is best when it’s clear about the company identity, such as name, logo, registration logo, and other necessary information that can fit. A company seal works by pressing the two metal plates against two sides of a piece of paper. That way, the letters engraved on the two metal plates will be embossed against the surface of the paper and leave a mark of the company.

Ways to Obtain a Common Seal

To get a company seal for your company, you must first register your company with the government and acquire a registration date so that it can be put on the design of the company seal. After getting done with the registration, you can have your company seal made by a seal manufacturer within a couple of working days or even within 24 hours with an extra amount of money to be paid.

The Uses of a Company Seal

A company seal is most often used for the authorization of a document that is to be executed by a company. However, this purpose has often deteriorated due to legal provisions that state that company seal is no longer a mandatory requirement for document authorization. A company seal is now mostly used to give a better sense of propriety, formality, and elegance to a document. It can also ensure the authenticity of any released document due to the embossed mark of the company that is not easily forged.

Who Can Use a Company Seal?

A company seal can only be used by the company director or the highest authority; someone who makes the decision for a company. However, they can also bestow authority upon somebody else, such as a company secretary. This is beneficial for certain circumstances where the company director can’t use the common seal themselves to authorize documents. For example, in case that they are abroad and leave the position absent in the company.

Is a Company Seal Recognized Out of the Country?

To simply put it, yes. A company seal can be used in a different country. In fact, it is often still needed in countries that still regards a company seal as mandatory in doing business. It is used the same way it is used in the origin country.

However, in this case, a company seal may be used by a person that is not the company director. This person’s authority is approved by the company director, of course. This person acts as the representative of the company in overseas business trips or agreement. The representative makes decisions on behalf of the company and uses the seal to execute deals upon the company’s agreement.

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