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Pros and Cons of Advertising With Flyers

by Josh D

Flyers printing is one of the cheaper marketing alternatives that can be chosen by businesses with limited money to promote their business. It is quite an effective method to reach toward a larger audience and it can be done in simple ways.

People can be free to create their flyer in any way possible, as creativity has no limits. There is no exact rule in how a flyer should be made. As a flyer’s main objective is to interest people and grab their attention, the design of a flyer is very important before a company goes through the process of flyer printing to produce their marketing tool.

Even though it mainly has many benefits, it also has several disadvantages that must be known before a business decides to use this marketing method. To learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of flyer advertising, read more below.


1. Cost-effective

This is obvious. The main reason why people still like this advertising method is that not only it is effective, it is also cheap to produce. If you can find a good printing service, they usually can offer you a cheaper price if you order in a large quantity. However, of course, the price of the product may vary depending on the quality of paper that you use, as well as the many finishes you can choose from.

2. Effective message delivery

Flyers have limited space. Thus, in designing a flyer, you will be challenged to always put the only most relevant and important information so that the message can be conveyed effectively. It will be easier for people to understand what you are trying to say that way rather than reading long paragraphs or listening to long explanations. The receiver of your flyer can be more focused on certain information that you purposely direct them to and it is less likely that they will be confused in receiving the information.

3. Easily produced

As mentioned before, the flyer is very easy to make and it doesn’t take long to complete. Generally, you only need papers, inks, and the design of the flyer itself. A digital printing service can produce flyer in bulk and they can complete the task in a short time. Even if you need to make a change in the design in short notice, it won’t be too much of a problem because of its simple production steps.


1. Easily dismissed

A Kiasuprint flyer printing may get dismissed in a second by the receiver because they think it is not important. That’s why you have to make sure that you create the most interesting design possible, emphasizing on the focal point of the flyer and creating an interesting headline to catch their attention and entice them to read the whole information in the flyer.

2. Short term impact

Compared to other advertising methods like TV commercials, flyer don’t really leave a long-term impression because it can’t get repetitively shown. It only grabs the momentary attention of a person and it usually doesn’t really linger in their minds. To increase the chance of your flyer information getting remembered, you should come up with an interesting or catchy tagline that is easy to remember.

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