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What Are The Basic Steps For Registering A Singapore Company

by Jacky Douglas

Registering a company in Singapore is not a simple process as it was mainly suitable for legalizing the company most uniquely. Normally, Singapore authorities made the whole task about registering for the business legally is more simple aspects. Registering a Company in Singapore is also completely free from any kind of red-tape or corruption. When you are looking for the best company registration in Singapore then it is important to follow the requirements of the company uniquely. Many numbers of the local individual are looking for the best way to easily increase the profit with a business in Singapore. The main reason is that registration in Singapore is easier when compared to other countries. However, it is also important to fulfill certain criteria or regulations uniquely.

Why You Require A Business Registration?

Singapore mainly has witnessed the influx of large global talents. It is one of the strong likings in Singapore that could be attributed to the pro-business approach. Most of the modern overseas business aspirants have been wondering whether the foreigners could make the registration in Singapore. Legalizing the business with the registration office is quite important and it would be suitable for the business. Most businesses have been looking for the best way to easily get a convenient solution for their registration uniquely. Business logo certification is more important that would certainly be helpful under all the aspects without any hassle.

Steps For The Registering Singapore Company:

With easily following the below steps you could easily make your company registration in Singapore without any hassle. You could easily start your procedure in the online as it is an efficient and quick way in a more significant way. Below are the important tasks to be completed for the company registration such as A1 Business.

  • Document preparation
  • Name approval – government fees S$15
  • Company Registration – government fees S$300

Get Your Company Name Approved:

Every company is required to have a unique name and it needs to be approved under all aspects. Company Name needs to be approved by the ACRA. It is considered as the simple procedure that is especially subjected to varied guidelines such as

  • Company Name cannot be identical with any existing business
  • Company Name must not infringe other trademarks
  • Company Name could not be vulgar or obscene
  • Company Name should not be reserved by others

Name Approval Process:

  • The company needs to be followed by the ACRA’s rules in Singapore. This could be approved within an hour.
  • The company needs to be referred to many other Government authorities for further approval with the deep investigation. When it contains the regulated business words that include the “finance”, “broker”, “legal”, “law”, or any others then your company name could be delayed for name approval process within the few weeks.
  • With the complete approval, the company could be reserved with the name up to 120 days. When it also does not incorporate with other names then it could be reversed

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